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Weather Forecasting, Natural and Technogenic Disaster Modeling Department conducts scientific research in the following directions of Earth Sciences:
• Development (WRF, ERA 5 and creation (Atmospheric Processes Nonstationary Mesoscale Model, CD) of weather forecasting mathematical models for Georgian territory;
• Study of the atmospheric circulation processes dynamics and climatic peculiarities for Georgian regions;
• Study of dangerous and catastrophic hydrometeorological events (hail, drought, torrential rains, strong winds, thunderstorms, hurricanes, fog, floods, landslides, etc.) against the background of global climate change and identify risk zones; construct hazard risk GIS maps;
• Reduction / assessment of hydrometeorological hazards and preparation of technical regulations;
• Use Earth observation mission satellites data to study hydrometeorological processes and monitor green cover;
• Use of Machine Learning (ML) methods in Big Data (BD) processing (Georgian hydrometeorological Observation Ne, satellite observation data, NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis data);
• Ionosphere weather prediction and study sun-earth interactions (WMM5);
• Study of Georgian glacier dynamics using satellite information;
• Evaluate Nature Based Solutions for disaster risk reduction (DRR).